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Friday, February 4, 2011


Well, I lasted a month!  I kept up the weekly blogs through January (which was longer than I would have wagered), but here we are with a Friday come and gone and no new MLiF blog...

For anyone actually following me, looking forward to me reviews every week, I apologize... I'm nearly done watching my next film and I've already started working on the trivia... It's just that damn plot summary and review I have to write... I may be able to finish it this weekend; I think I may move my blogs to Tuesdays (new DVD releases) rather than Fridays (new theatrical releases) due to the high number of hits I received this past week on my Worst of 2010 blog.

I am also winnowing down the list of films into a Top 10 of 2010... But I'm still trying to fit in a few more movies on DVD so that blog is still a few weeks out.

Anyway, I figured something is better than nothing this morning and I promise to get my next MLiF blog up Tuesday morning!